Embedded Hardware Designer Application

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General Design

1. How many boards have you designed - as the lead developer*:
2. How many boards have you designed in which you have been responsible for both schematic and layout?*
3. Did you perform the layout, direct it, or both?
4. How many boards have you designed with Altium Designer*:
5. In your career, what percentage would you say was spent on PCB design*:
Project Management:

Other Responsibilities

1. Do you have experience writing technical documentation such as:
User GuidesManualsTechnical SpecificationsVerification PlansVerification Reports
2. Do you have experience developing programs in C under Linux?* YesNo
3. Do you have experience developing and supporting manufacturing test process?* YesNo


Do you have experience communicating with:
1. ...Leading a project involving internal departments including:
2. ...Vendors:
3. ...PCB fabricators on materials and stackup, as well as resolutions to fabrication issues:
4. ...Contract manufacturers with regards to the assembly and testing of your PCB:
5. ...Customers resolving issues with boards you have designed and their performance in the field:

Technologies Used in PCB Designs

Considering all the PCBs you have designed during your career; please consider which technologies you have used in your designs. Use the selectors to indicate your experience on a scale of 0 (I have no experience) to 5 ( I have experience on many designs)
PCI 012345
PCIe Express 012345
DDR2 or DDR3 memory 012345
SATA (serial ATA) 012345
HDMI or DVI 012345
Display Port 012345
HD-SDI / 3G SDI Video 012345
USB 2.0 012345
USB 3.0 012345
Gigabit Ethernet 012345
10 Gigabit Ethernet (10Gbe) 012345
Multi-core ARM CPUs (such as Freescale iMX6 or TI OMAP) 012345
High End FPGA (Virtex-5/6/7, Kintex 7) 012345
AMD or NVIDIA GPUs 012345
NVIDIA Jetson TX1/TX2 012345
COM Express 012345
Qseven 012345
VPX 012345
XMC 012345
FMC 012345
Cover Letter/Additional Comments (Not Required):
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