Connect Tech offers a wide variety of cabling options for our products. Choose from various four and eight port “fan-out” cables, four and eight port I/O boxes, or an adapter box that will convert an eight port ISA or PCI card to eight RJ-45 jacks.

If you can’t find a standard cable to suit your needs, Connect Tech suggests custom cabling to better meet your requirements. For details, contact

Connect Tech cables offer the following features:

Quality construction:

All standard cables are made with high quality, low capacitance wire and feature fully shielded and molded connectors. Low capacitance wire means that you will have less signal degradation. Furthermore our cables feature thumb screws at the DB37/78 end to permit easier installation.


All Connect Tech cables have clear identification of port numbers and the cable part number.

Electromagnetic Noise Immunity:

All standard Connect Tech cables are made with braid over foil shield wiring to minimize electromagnetic radiated emissions and improve immunity to electromagnetic emissions from other sources. Better immunity means less chance of data loss due to a electrically noisy environment.

Connect Tech cables and I/O boxes: