RoHS Compliance

RoHS Statement of Compliance [PDF] | How To Identify CTI RoHS Products [PDF]

The Connect Tech products listed in the table below are compliant with the EU directive 2011/65/EU and amendment 2015/863 on the Restriction of Hazardous Substances.

This important environmental protection measure was aimed to reduce hazardous materials in the components and manufacturing process of electronic equipment.  Connect Tech has been working and continues to work with our suppliers to ensure our boards and board components will meet the material restrictions on lead, cadmium, mercury, and other substances deemed hazardous by the RoHS directive.

We are committed to the RoHS initiative, but also to our customers. As a result, we will continue to support our legacy customers with any leaded products they require. The following product families will be RoHS compliant:

BlueStorm/Express Opto (BBG)
BlueStorm/Express LP Opto (BCG)
BlueStorm/Express (BEG)
BlueStorm/Express LP (BFG)
BlueHeat/Net (BNG)
BlueHeat/Net Sync (BMG)
BlueStorm/LP (BLG)
BlueStorm/SP Opto (BSG)
BlueStorm/SP (BTG)
Cables (CBG)
CANpro/104 Opto (CNG)
ComSync/104 (CSG)
ComSync/PCI-104 (CPG)
CANpro/104-Plus Opto (CRG)
COM Express® Carriers (CCG)
COM Express® + GPU (VXG)
FlashDrive/104 (DDG)
FreeForm/104 FBG (FBG)
FreeForm/PCI-104 (FCG)
FreeForm Daughter Board (DBG)
FlashDrive/104 (DEG)
Engineering Tools (ADG)
Mini PCIe (MPG)
Miscellaneous Parts (MSG)
NVIDIA® Jetson™ Carriers (ASG)
Protocol Converter (PCG)
Qseven Carriers (QCG)
Radio Modem Accessories (RFG)
Rugged Enclosures (ESG)
Xtreme/104 Radio Modem (RMG)
Xtreme/104-Plus (XPG)
Xtreme/104 (XTG)
Xtreme/104-Express (XEG)
Xtreme/104-Express Opto (XFG)
Xtreme/104-Plus Opto (XOG)
Xtreme/GbE (XDG)
Xtreme/GPU (XGG)
Xtreme/PSU (PSG)
Xtreme/PSU UPS (SCG)

Please contact us for specific RoHS part numbers or for more information regarding RoHS compliance and Connect Tech products.


About Connect Tech:

For over 30 years, Connect Tech has built a solid reputation for expertise in providing professional design services, delivering unsurpassed technical support and developing innovative products for embedded applications. Our products include commercial off-the-shelf and modified solutions for NVIDIA Embedded GPUs, COM Express®, Qseven, SMARC Carriers, Single Board Computers, Rugged Tablets, Cellular/Satellite M2M, FPGA, Digital & Analog I/O, Power Supplies, Enclosures, CAN Controllers, Solid State Drives, Ethernet-to-Serial, Multi-port Serial Cards, Adapters & Development Tools.