Our Custom Design Process

Step 1: Connect Tech Provides Free Engineering & Estimates

  • Free engineering to determine what the customer needs:

    Yes, you read that right! Connect Tech provides free engineering resources to determine what is needed for your project.

  • Non-recurring engineering estimate:

    A estimate for the cost to research, develop, design, and test your custom product.

  • Ongoing manufacturing estimate:

    An estimate outlining the manufacturing costs to produce your customized product.

Step 2: Share Those Estimates

  • Ensure budgets align:

    We’ll share the estimates with you to ensure our budgets align. We don’t want to leave you in the dark on where the project will lead.

  • Time to proceed:

    If budgets align, we proceed to Step 3; if not, we work to agree on a new estimate.

Step 3: Generate Formal Hardware Specification & Statement of Work

  • Formal hardware preliminary specification:

    Generated to show preliminary technical specifications of the custom product.

  • Statement of work:

    Outlines the steps to be taken based on the specification for the project to be completed. This also includes the project schedule.

  • We strive for transparency at every turn:

    The preliminary specification, statement of work, and schedule will all be delivered to the customer to be agreed upon step-by-step. The importance of this agreement is that the customer gets exactly what they ask for.

Step 4: Project is Launched!

  • Customer decides how often they meet:

    This may be weekly, monthly, or upon key deliverables.

  • We use our own SMT equipment:

    We own an in-house dual in-line high-speed SMT, selective soldering machine, PCB Aqueous Batch Washer, BGA rework station, 3D printer, and temperature chamber.

  • Most projects completed in weeks:

    Most projects are completed in 8 weeks from invoice to verified prototype.