Flashing As A Service

Flash 100 units for $499*

Ready to go to production with your NVIDIA® Jetson™ design?
Have you considered the time involved or equipment and tools required for volume flashing?

Connect Tech offers the following to flash your Jetson:

  • Configuration control, testing and integration
  • In a multi-flashing production environment
  • Increased consistency, security and convenience

*Plus set-up fees, which include image optimization and direct engineering engagement

Job Title*:
EmbeddedCommercial/IndustrialDefenseAutonomous VehiclesRoboticsEducationHealthcareVisionOther
What quantity of modules do you want flashed? (min 100)
Is your Customized Image for a Connect Tech product?

Note: If you're using non-Connect Tech hardware, a minimum of 2 carriers will need to be provided for testing.

What NVIDIA Jetson module are you using?
What's your target Jetpack/L4T version?
Do you require more testing than a power-up flash verification test?

If you answered 'Yes', you will need to provide:

  • Details about what testing you require
  • Whether you want Connect Tech to develop the test