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Our Custom Design Capabilities

We have an in-house team that consists of approximately 50% technical staff to provide electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, software development, FPGA development, project management, and environmental compliance and certifications. We have a significant investment in our manufacturing equipment – with multiple dual in-line SMT machines supported with 3D SPI and AOI.

Custom Design Process

Connect Tech has an incredibly nimble engineering team supported with a custom design process that extremely well defined. This process ensures our customers meet their design requirements within the fastest time to market possible. Find out more about our process.

Why Choose Us?

Fast Time To Market

  • Using proven IP blocks from our COTS product line shortens our design time
  • Our engineering team provides hardware and software engineers, FPGA and mechanical design all under one roof
  • Manufacturing in-house lets us control both schedule and quality
  • Typical lead time from signed hardware specification to verified prototype is 8 weeks

100s of Products Designed & Built

  • Hundreds of COTS products, many which are available within 3-5 business days
  • Our catalogue of products provide credible examples of our capabilities
  • COTS products create a large IP Pool that we draw from; this means faster time to market/revenue for our customers

Existing Products for Proof of Concept

  • Select from our vast number of readily available products to build a proof of concept system
  • Move your development forward on proof of concept hardware while custom design is moving in parallel