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The grandfather of the expansion bus, the Industry Standard Architecture (ISA) can still be found in computer systems today. Connect Tech has a number of products to get the most out of ISA compatible computers, including our DFlex and Intellicon lines, designed to maximize the somewhat limited capabilities of the bus type that started it all.


This Echo ISA board is a new design of the legacy board DFlex. To continue to meet the needs of the ISA customer, this eight-port board is designed to fit seamlessly into systems once serviced by the DFlex.


The Intellicon family features on-board processors to offload the burden of managing communications from the main CPU. Offering a number of port combinations and user-selectable options, our Intellicon boards provide efficient I/O communications and better processing performance for the host system.

Important Notice:
All DFlex products are now End of Life (EOL) due to the EOL of critical components used in the manufacture of these products and the inability to source a suitable replacement.  Although we may have limited stock still available, we strongly urge you to contact our sales team for your recommended replacement at, 800-426-8979 or 519-836-1291.

Our first ISA board, the DFlex is no longer in production as of 2003. Please refer to the information contained at DFlex link or to the Echo products for replacement information.

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