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M.2 Products



ADG092 PCIe/104 to M.2 Adapter
Part #: ADG092,
ADG093, ADG094

PCIe/104 to M.2 Adapter

Connect Tech’s PCIe/104 to M.2 Adapter allows for the implementation of two M.2 next generation form factor expansion slots. Supported cards are, based on configuration, B, B&M, E, and A&E key type.

M2G201 M.2 GPS
Part #: M2G201


Connect Tech’s M.2 GPS is a GNSS receiver based on the very small industry standard M.2 Type-2242-S3-B form factor. Using the USB bus, the M.2 GPS provides global positioning and time-stamp information, while taking up little space and power within a system.

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Custom Design Services, M.2 Products

Accelerate your development process and reduce time to market with our standard  embedded off-the-shelf solutions, or let Connect Tech's engineering experts develop your custom solution

Connect Tech is committed to delivering the right solution that perfectly meets your embedded system requirements. Our Custom Design Services include minor product modifications and complete custom solutions that can be applied at any stage of a project.

For minor product modifications, Connect Tech can modify any standard off-the-shelf M.2 solution to support your application. For unique and complex applications, Connect Tech’s team of engineering experts will work closely with your team to develop a custom solution that precisely meets your specifications, while ensuring product performance and reliability. Our engineering design services team is skilled at delivering custom products that ensure both time to market and price targets are met.

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