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Rugged Tablets


Rugged Tablets

FieldTab7B by Connect Tech

Part #: FTG015


Connect Tech’s FieldTab7B is a 7” full rugged Windows Tablet, with built-in multiple interfaces and a wide variety of accessories to meet different deployment needs.

FieldTab10B by Connect Tech

Part #: FTG003, FTG010, FTG011


Connect Tech’s FieldTab10B is an ultra-rugged tablet powered by a dual-core Intel Atom processor. Tested to MIL-STD-810g for shock, vibration and temperature (-10°C to +50°C).

FieldTab10R by Connect Tech

Part #: FTG007, FTG008, FTG009


Connect Tech’s FieldTab10R has an ultra bright 1,000 nit optically bonded display, high speed 802.11ac connectivity. They are 10.1" fully ruggedize tablets, 100% ready for heavy duty use.

FieldTab10/VM by Connect Tech

Part #: FTG005


Connect Tech’s FieldTab10/VM is an ultra rugged vehicle mount computer, a dedicated device for demanding vehicle environments providing rugged, performance and functionality.

FieldTab7 by Connect Tech

Part #: FTG001


Connect Tech’s FieldTab7 is a rugged built tablet for use in the most extreme environmental conditions. It’s hyper dimming technology, provides a wide brightness adjustable display, ideal for day and night operations. The FieldTab7 has a wide range of accessories available to adapt it to your particular application as needed.

Tablet Custom Design Services

Accelerate your development process and reduce time to market with our standard Tablet off-the-shelf products, or let Connect Tech's engineering experts develop your custom solution

Connect Tech is committed to delivering the right solution that perfectly meets your Tablet project requirements. Our Tablet Custom Design Services include minor product modifications and complete custom solutions that can be applied at any stage of a project.

For minor product modifications, Connect Tech can modify any standard off-the-shelf Tablet to support your application. For unique and complex Tablet applications, Connect Tech’s team of engineering experts will work closely with your team to develop a custom Tablet solution that precisely meets your specifications, while ensuring product performance and reliability. Our engineering design services team is skilled at delivering custom products that ensure both time to market and price targets are met.

Contact Connect Tech for more information about our Tablet Custom Design Services.


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