Joint software and hardware solutions reduce the overall development time for NVIDIA applications requiring integrated vision sensors.

Allied Vision, a Preferred Partner in the NVIDIA Partner Network (NPN) and Connect Tech Inc., an Elite Partner, today announced joint development of new hardware solutions with pre-integrated advanced sensor technology. The Allied Vision MIPI Camera Board provides a streamlined approach to developers wishing to build and deploy advanced AI and machine vision applications. Designed to enable the transition to scalable production with minimal additional development, these pre-integrated hardware solutions come equipped with all necessary software for rapid market deployment.

JCB005-Board + Rogue + Camera

Connect Tech’s Allied Vision MIPI Camera Board provides NVIDIA® Jetson AGX Xavier™ applications the ability to integrate up to six Allied Vision Alvium 1500 C or 1800 C camera modules directly to this small adapter board. For the fastest go-to-market strategy, the Camera Board can integrate directly with Connect Tech’s commercial carrier boards and thermal solutions. This bundle completes a ready-to-deploy hardware stack that includes a full compute system with verified vision sensors for an industrial-grade, streamlined deployment of AI applications.

The newly released Allied Vision MIPI Camera Board empowers streamlined development by providing software embedded into the carrier’s Board Support Package (BSP) that integrates any Alvium 1500 C and 1800 C sensors to the chosen JetPack SDK version.

Allied Vision, a leader in industrial and embedded vision solutions, has developed the Alvium CSI-2 camera series which provides a diverse lineup of sensor and housing variants for project flexibility. With cross-compatible software drivers, the Alvium CSI-2 camera modules can be interchanged on the MIPI Camera Board at any time without the need for additional development.

“Users looking to deploy MIPI CSI-2 camera modules on the NVIDIA Jetson platform now have a one-stop solution when determining their production design,” says Gion-Pitschen Gross, Product Manager at Allied Vision. “The entire Alvium platform is supported across the full line up of Jetson Developer Kits. Our partnership with Connect Tech allows us to provide solutions that simplify the process of developing a production hardware strategy.”

Connect Tech is NVIDIA largest Jetson ecosystem hardware partner with a vast offering of solutions supporting the entire platform. One of the first partners to develop hardware solutions upon NVIDIA Jetson’s inception, Connect Tech has continued to design products that enable projects to rapidly transition to field deployment.

“Our experience developing solutions for the Jetson community has highlighted how vital sensor data is for the success of every Jetson system,” says Michele Kasza, Vice President Sales at Connect Tech. “This partnership with Allied Vision allows us to delve further into simplifying product development for our customers.”

NVIDIA® Jetson™ is the leading AI-at-the-edge computing platform with over half a million developers. With support for cloud-native technologies across the full Jetson lineup, manufacturers of intelligent machines and AI developers can build and deploy high-quality, software-defined features on embedded and edge devices targeting robotics, AIoT, smart cities, healthcare, industrial applications and more. Cloud-native support helps manufacturers and developers implement frequent improvements, improve accuracy, and use the latest features with Jetson-based edge AI devices.