Embedded Hardware Designer Application

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    General Design

    1. How many boards have you designed - as the lead developer*:
    2. How many boards have you designed in which you have been responsible for both schematic and layout?*
    3. Did you perform the layout, direct it, or both?
    4. How many boards have you designed with Altium Designer*:
    5. In your career, what percentage would you say was spent on PCB design*:
    Project Management:

    Other Responsibilities

    1. Do you have experience writing technical documentation such as:
    User GuidesManualsTechnical SpecificationsVerification PlansVerification Reports
    2. Do you have experience developing programs in C under Linux?* YesNo
    3. Do you have experience developing and supporting manufacturing test process?* YesNo


    Do you have experience communicating with:
    1. ...Leading a project involving internal departments including:
    2. ...Vendors:
    3. ...PCB fabricators on materials and stackup, as well as resolutions to fabrication issues:
    4. ...Contract manufacturers with regards to the assembly and testing of your PCB:
    5. ...Customers resolving issues with boards you have designed and their performance in the field:

    Technologies Used in PCB Designs

    Considering all the PCBs you have designed during your career, please include which technologies you have used in your designs. Use the selectors to indicate your experience on a scale of 0-4.
    PCI 01234
    PCIe Express 01234
    DDR2 or DDR3 memory 01234
    SATA (serial ATA) 01234
    HDMI or DVI 01234
    Display Port 01234
    HD-SDI / 3G SDI Video 01234
    USB 2.0 01234
    USB 3.0 01234
    Gigabit Ethernet 01234
    10 Gigabit Ethernet (10Gbe) 01234
    Multi-core ARM CPUs (such as Freescale iMX6 or TI OMAP) 01234
    High End FPGA (Virtex-5/6/7, Kintex 7) 01234
    AMD or NVIDIA GPUs 01234
    NVIDIA Jetson 01234
    COM Express 01234
    Qseven 01234
    VPX 01234
    XMC 01234
    FMC 01234
    Name your document using the following format: First Name Last Name Document Name. For example, if your name is Jamie Smith the files should be named: Jamie Smith Resume and Jamie Smith Cover Letter.
    Attach Resume (PDF Only)*
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    As Connect Tech is certified under the Canadian Controlled Goods Program, all employees are required to be Canadian citizens or Permanent Residents for security clearance in Canada. Please confirm that you are legally entitled to work in Canada as a citizen or permanent resident.*
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