CKG042 Cable Kit

*This cable kit is not recommended for new designs. Please use CKG059 for upcoming designs.

Cable Part #
Cable Drawing #
CBG111 CTIC-00430 Dual DB-9 Panel Mount to 10-Pin Minitek Cable
CBG112 CTIC-00431 Power Cable – Unterminated wires to 6-pin MiniTek w/Latch
CBG116 CTIC-00435 20-pin Minitek to Flying Leads
CBG117 CTIC-00433 RJ-45 to 10-pin Minitek Cable
CBG131 OEM Dual USB 3.0 to 20-pin Locking Intel Style
*Not recommended for new designs
CBG145 CTIC-00461 HDMI Female to 20-Pin Minitek Cable