GTC Europe, Amsterdam, September 27, 2016 – Connect Tech Inc. and USES Integrated Solutions Inc. have partnered to create a scalable array server, which contains up to 24 NVIDIA® Jetson™ TX1 modules. All TX1 modules are connected via a Gigabit Ethernet fabric through a specialized managed Ethernet Switch developed by Connect Tech with 10G uplink capability. The scalable array server also features Out of Band Management (OOBM) via an ARM-based SMARC module by ADLINK to control and monitor each of the Jetson TX1 modules.

“The opportunity to work with USES was an excellent example of how Connect Tech can apply IP found in our COTS products and mix and match technologies to provide an exact fit, custom solution,” states Michele Kasza, vice president sales and marketing at Connect Tech.

Three array boards house eight Jetson TX1 modules each and the main interconnect fabric to all the Jetson TX1 modules is Gigabit Ethernet, which is switched through the Connect Tech Ethernet switch module (XDG201). The OOBM can communicate to each of the 24 Jetson TX1 module console parts, with the ability to monitor their health/boot and remotely hard power on/off each module directly.

“This powerful new solution from Connect Tech and USES is a great example of the Jetson TX1 module’s versatility for applications ranging from robotics and drones to datacenters,” says Serge Palaric, vice president of EMEAI sales and marketing of embedded and OEM at NVIDIA.

USES has targeted several markets and applications for the server – the biggest being micro datacenters (portable datacenters with integrated networking, cooling, and fire suppression) with a focus on machine learning applications. Markets also range from oil and gas, extractive, educational, to traditional datacenters. “These are all somewhat unique cases for the Jetson TX1 given that our primary interest lies in exposing the GPU and CPU cores,” says Ryan Collis, director of business development and emerging platforms at USES Integrated Solutions.

Connect Tech will be displaying the USES Scalable Array Server at the NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference Europe, in Amsterdam from September 28 to September 29, 2016. Find Connect Tech at Booth S1.

About Connect Tech Inc.:

For over 30 years, Connect Tech has built a solid reputation for expertise in providing professional design services, delivering unsurpassed technical support and developing innovative products for embedded applications. Our products include commercial off-the-shelf and modified solutions for NVIDIA Jetson TX1 Module Carrier Boards, COM Express®, Qseven, SMARC Carriers, Single Board Computers, Rugged Tablets, Cellular/Satellite M2M, FPGA, Digital & Analog I/O, Power Supplies, Enclosures, CAN Controllers, Solid State Drives, Ethernet-to-Serial, Multi-port Serial Cards, Adapters & Development Tools.

About USES Integrated Solutions Inc.:

In 2013, the founders of USES Development incorporated USES Integrated Solutions to develop products within the ARM 64-bit ecosystem. ARM 64-bit architecture is the means to accomplish our highly scalable, high density footprint while maintaining high performance GPU processing required for machine learning, data acquisition and modeling. The flexibility and capabilities of emerging technologies, such as ARM based Server on Module, enables us to bring enterprise to the field and highly converged, power efficient systems to the data center. Through flexible design, innovation, and select partners, USES provides our customers with a customized solution to meet their unique processing requirements while accommodating a wide variety of deployment scenarios. For additional information about USES: