Embedded World Germany, February 23, 2016 – Involved in more than 20 unmanned vehicle applications today, Connect Tech understands the need for small, lightweight solutions that are ruggedly built to be deployed in real world situations, while still providing a powerful platform. Given these priorities, Connect Tech was enthusiastic to develop commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) carrier board solutions for the NVIDIA® Jetson™ TX1.

Now, Connect Tech is expanding its relationship with NVIDIA, developing COTS carrier boards for the next generation NVIDIA Jetson TX1.

NVIDIA Jetson is the world’s leading visual computing platform for GPU-accelerated parallel processing in the mobile embedded systems market. Its high-performance, low-energy computing for deep learning and computer vision makes Jetson the ideal solution for compute-intensive embedded projects like drones, autonomous robotic systems, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and mobile medical imaging. The latest iteration of NVIDIA Jetson brings an enhanced focus on the COTS marketplace.

Connect Tech’s new Astro Carrier for Jetson TX1 is designed to be field deployable and comes in at just 57mm x 87mm! Astro builds on the board-to-board connector scheme by providing a full feature set on the carrier and then offering off-the-shelf or custom breakout boards. This allows for a perfect fit from a connector perspective while dramatically reducing the need for cabling.

A lighter feature set version of Astro will be available in Q2; this carrier will provide a lower cost point while still supporting the durability known from Connect Tech. This new addition called Elroy will be available in April 2016.

See the Connect Tech Astro Carrier for Jetson TX1 on display at either Connect Tech, Hall 2 Stand 2-318 or NVIDIA Hall 4A Stand 4A-646.

About Connect Tech:
For 30 years, Connect Tech has built a solid reputation for expertise in providing professional design services, delivering unsurpassed technical support and developing innovative products for embedded applications. Our products include commercial off-the-shelf and modified solutions for COM Express®, Qseven, SMARC Carriers, Single Board Computers, NVIDIA GPU solutions, Rugged Tablets, Cellular/Satellite M2M, FPGA, Digital & Analog I/O, Power Supplies, Enclosures, CAN Controllers, Solid State Drives, Ethernet-to-Serial, Multi-port Serial Cards, Adapters & Development Tools

About NVIDIA®:
Since 1993, NVIDIA (NASDAQ: NVDA) has pioneered the art and science of visual computing. The company’s technologies are transforming a world of displays into a world of interactive discovery — for everyone from gamers to scientists, and consumers to enterprise customers. Recently, NVIDIA introduced the Jetson TX1, a credit card-sized module that harnesses the power of machine learning to enable a new generation of smart, autonomous machines that can learn. NVIDIA’s embedded solutions address the challenge of creating a new wave of millions of smart devices — drones that fly autonomously; compact security surveillance systems that don’t just scan crowds but identify suspicious activity; and robots that don’t just perform tasks but tailor them to individuals’ habits — by incorporating capabilities such as machine learning, computer vision, navigation and more.