• Conduction cooled or Air cooled options available
  • The onboard PCIe Gen 3.0 switch supports multiple Dataplane options: one x8 or two x4 ports
  • I/O options: PMC I/O p64s or XMC I/O x12d+x8d+x38s
  • Extended Temperature Range -40°C to +85°C
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More Information

Connect Tech’s GraphiteVPX/XMC-PMC is a VITA 65 compliant 3U peripheral carrier card that brings PCIe Gen 3.0 capable features to a mezzanine carrier. Complete with a x8 Gen 3 PCIe capable VITA 42 XMC interface for all the newest, high-end mezzanine cards, as well as a 64-bit 133MHz PCI-X capable interface for use with all of your legacy PCI based PMC mezzanines.

A complete mezzanine I/O complement is available (based on VITA 46.9) with all 64 PMC IO (p64s) or all 78 XMC IO (x12d+x8d+x38s) with the ability to support a hybrid option that allows for XMCs that have PMC IO connectors.

The onboard PCIe Gen 3.0 switch allows for multiple dataplane options, a direct x8 interface to the XMC site or the option of splitting the bus into two x4 interfaces allowing for an additional downstream port on the backplane. A non-transparent (NT) option is also available to allow multiple hosts to share the mezzanines resources through the same backplane.


Power Requirements

12V (VS1), 3.3V (VS2), and 5V (VS3)

Maximum Power

15W + Mezzanine Power

Back Plane PCIe

3.0 (x8 or two x4) dataplane only


3.0 (x8)


64-bit 133MHz


PCIe Link speeds, Power up status

Thermal Interface

Air-cooled, Conduction cooled


p64s for PMC I/O, x12d+x8d+x38s for XMC I/O

Ordering Information

Main Products
Part Number Description
VPG101 Conduction Cooled XMC/PMC Carrier with XMC I/O (X12d+X8d+X38s)
VPG102 Conduction Cooled XMC/PMC Carrier with PMC I/O (P64s)*

* Use this version for XMCs with legacy Pn4 I/O

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