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Qseven Carrier Boards


Qseven Carrier Boards


TrailBlazer/SBC (Single Board Computer)

TrailBlazer/SBC Carrier Board

Connect Tech’s TrailBlazer/SBC Carrier Board is a rugged board offering locking pin header connectors and has been specifically designed for the Intel Bay Trail series CPU. TrailBlazer is available alone or with a Quad Core E3845, Dual Core E3825 or Single Core E3815.

Ultra Lite & Lite Qseven Carrier Boards by Connect Tech

Ultra Lite & Lite Qseven Carrier Boards

Connect Tech’s Ultra Lite and Lite Qseven Carrier Boards are low cost, feature rich carriers that integrate with any industry standard Qseven module.

PCIe/104 Qseven Carrier Board by Connect Tech

PCIe/104 Qseven Carrier Board - Editor's Choice AwardPCIe/104 Qseven Carrier Board

Connect Tech’s PCIe/104 Qseven Carrier Board utilizes the PC/104 form factor with 4 x1 PCIe lanes and the PCIe/104 bus.

PCI-104 Qseven Carrier Board by Connect Tech

PCI-104 Qseven Carrier Board

Connect Tech’s PCI-104 Qseven Carrier Board utilizes the PC/104 form factor and the PCI-104 bus, and allows installation of up to 4 PCI-104 boards.

Qseven to COM Express® Adapter by Connect Tech

Qseven to COM Express® Adapter

Connect Tech’s Qseven to COM Express® Adapter allows users to install a Qseven module into any COM Express Carrier Board.


What is Qseven?


Qseven™ conga-QA

Qseven™ conga-QA

Qseven is a Computer-on-Module standard for mobile and embedded applications. Qseven offers a wide range of features and functions including:

  • PCI Express

  • USB 2.0

  • Serial ATA

  • LPC Interface

  • Gigabit Ethernet

  • SDVO Interface (VGA)

  • LVDS Display Interface

Connect Tech's PCIe/104 Qseven Carrier Board and PCI-104 Qseven Carrier Board are compatible with all Qseven modules, including those from:

  • congatec
  • Hectronic AB
  • IEI Technology Corp.
  • iWave Systems Technologies PVT Ltd.
  • MSC Vertriebs GmbH
  • Portwell, Inc.
  • Seco s.r.l.

For further information about the Qseven standard and to see an up-to-date list of Qseven Carrier Boards available for use with Connect Tech products, click here.

For detailed information about Qseven, please visit

Qseven Custom Design Services

Accelerate your development process and reduce time to market with our standard Qseven off-the-shelf products, or let Connect Tech's engineering experts develop your custom solution

Connect Tech is committed to delivering the right solution that perfectly meets your Qseven project requirements. Our Qseven Custom Design Services include minor product modifications and complete custom solutions that can be applied at any stage of a project.

For minor product modifications, Connect Tech can modify any standard off-the-shelf Qseven Carrier Board to support your application. For unique and complex Qseven applications, Connect Tech’s team of engineering experts will work closely with your team to develop a custom Qseven Carrier Board solution that precisely meets your specifications, while ensuring product performance and reliability. Our engineering design services team is skilled at delivering custom products that ensure both time to market and price targets are met.

Contact Connect Tech for more information about our Qseven Custom Design Services.


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