The NVIDIA® Jetson™ platform has grown once again to meet the changing needs of Edge AI. The newest module, the Jetson™ TX2 NX , delivers up to 2.5x the performance of Jetson Nano™ and shares form-factor and pin compatibility with Jetson Nano and Jetson Xavier™ NX.

This compatibility means that each of our carriers designed for this form factor can be used across all three modules. This allows customers to rapidly deploy to the field and change modules without having to do any product re-design. Similar to the Jetson Nano and Xavier NX modules, the Jetson TX2 NX will not come supplied with any integrated thermal solution. Connect Tech will offer thermal transfer plates, active heat sinks, and passive heat sinks, available April 2021.

NVIDIA Jetson TX2 NX Solutions

Boson for FRAMOS: AI Vision Powerhouse
Boson for FRAMOS integrates up to four MIPI cameras within an extremely small footprint. Specifically designed for use within the FRAMOS Sensor Ecosystem, Boson maximizes sensor inputs and storage solutions for high-end vision applications.

Quark: Versatile Carrier Board
Quark is an ultra-small and feature rich carrier board designed for AI at the edge applications. Ideal for vision, inference, and unmanned applications, the Quark carrier comes ready for rugged environments with positive locking IO connectors. Thermal solutions and board customization are available to tailor this carrier to your project’s needs.

Photon: Carrier Board designed for AI Camera Applications
Photon is the unique solution designed specifically to support smart camera applications. Power and I/O design allow this board to be placed easily into off-the-shelf camera housings. Both PoE PD and Non-PoE PD options are available, with a variety of thermal solutions to choose from.

Have specific I/O requirements? Boson, Quark, and Photon can all be customized to your specific I/O needs with both small and large batch manufacturing services available.

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