Boson for FRAMOS Carrier Board for NVIDIA® Jetson Nano™

  • Compatible with Jetson Nano, TX2 NX, and Xavier NX SoMs
  • Integrate up to 4x 2-lane or 3x 4-lane MIPI FRAMOS Sensor Modules
  • 1x Gigabit Ethernet and 2x USB 3.2
  • NVMe and microSD card for additional storage
  • +9V to +36V wide input voltage range

More Information

Boson for FRAMOS is an AI vision powerhouse, integrating up to four MIPI cameras within an extremely small footprint. Specifically designed for use within the FRAMOS Sensor Ecosystem, Boson maximizes sensor inputs and storage solutions for high-end vision applications. This joint product offering provides customers with a plug and play vision solution that accelerates application development time. Compatible with the Jetson Nano, TX2 NX and Xavier NX SoMs, users can seamlessly transition between modules should their processing needs change.

Boson for FRAMOS comes standard with software hooks in the board support package that automatically connects select cameras in the FRAMOS Sensor Module Ecosystem to NVIDIA’s JetPack SDK, eradicating any further development requirements from your Software team.

Boson for FRAMOS has four FRAMOS PixelMate connectors directly on the carrier board.  These connectors allow users to directly connect up to 4x 2-lane or 3x 4-lane MIPI CSI-2 cameras from the FRAMOS Sensor Module Ecosystem.

While Boson for FRAMOS is compatible with NVIDIA Jetson Nano, TX2 NX, and Xavier NX SoMs, some I/O availability will change across modules. View the Boson for FRAMOS Compatibility Specifications for a full breakdown.

Boson is available in a standard SKU (NGX007) and an alternative parts version (NGX017). These are form, fit and function equivalent. Order fulfillment ship dates may differ by part number. See more info here.

Boson for FRAMOS Integration Options

Direct camera integration to the carrier board eliminates the need for an adapter board and decreases the overall hardware stack height. Customers looking for a full stack option can choose to integrate Boson for FRAMOS with their NVIDIA module of choice, available heat sinks, as well as other connectivity options.

Heat Sink Options

Additional Feature Options

  • Storage via microSD card
  • NVMe storage (through M.2 M-Key (2280) NVMe PCIe x4)


Display Output

1x HDMI 2.0


1x M.2 M-Key (2280) NVMe PCIe x4 (Gen 2)
1x Micro SD Card

M.2 E-Key

Not Supported


1x USB 3.1 Gen 2 w/ OTG capability (Type C)
1x USB 2.0 (Type A)

Input Power / Misc Power Details

+9V to +36V Input Voltage Range
• Auto-ON operation by default

RTC Battery

1x RTC Battery External Connector


1x FAN w/ PWM Control

Operating Temperature

-40°C to +85°C ( -40°F to +185°F)


80g (2.82oz)


90mm x 75mm (3.54” x 2.95”)

Warranty and Support

1 Year Warranty and Free Support

Misc Interfaces

3x 3.3V TTL UARTs (1x CONSOLE)
8 GPIOs 3.3V TTL (2x PWM Capable)
2x I2C 3.3V
2x SPI
2x 3.3V
2x 5V
8x GND

Nano Compatibility

Compatible with Jetson Nano with reduced functionality

Difference in I/O:
• Limited to 1x 1000 BASE-T Ethernet
• No CAN
• M.2 E-Key WIFI/BT Expansion not supported


Jetson Nano

Package InfoBoard Support PackagesRelease NotesDate Last Updated
JetPack 4.6.2 – L4T r32.7.2Nano L4T r32.7.2 BSPNano L4T r32.7.2 Release Notes04-July-22
JetPack 4.6.1 – L4T r32.7.1Nano L4T r32.7.1 BSPNano L4T r32.7.1 Release Notes28-Apr-22
JetPack 4.6 – L4T r32.6.1Nano L4T r32.6.1 BSPNano L4T r32.6.1 Release Notes12-Nov-21
JetPack 4.5 – L4T r32.5Nano L4T r32.5 BSPNano L4T r32.5 Release Notes19-Feb-21
JetPack 4.4.1 – L4T r32.4.4Nano L4T r32.4.4 BSPNano L4T r32.4.4 Release Notes14-Jan-21
JetPack 4.4 – L4T r32.4.3Nano L4T r32.4.3 BSPNano L4T r32.4.3 Release Notes21-Oct-20
JetPack 4.4 * – L4T r32.4.2Nano L4T r32.4.2 BSPNano L4T r32.4.2 Release Notes05-Jun-20
JetPack 4.3 – L4T r32.3.1Nano L4T r32.3.1 BSPNano L4T r32.3.1 Release Notes29-May-20
JetPack 4.2.2 – L4T r32.2.1Nano L4T r32.2.1 BSPNano L4T r32.2.1 Release Notes09-Jan-20
*Developer Preview

Ordering Information

Main Products
Part Number Description
NGX007 Boson for FRAMOS Carrier Board
NGX017 Boson for FRAMOS Carrier Board – Alternative Parts Version
Part Number Description
CBG408 Power Input Cable
CBG125 Misc. I/O Cable – DF20A 40 Pin, unterminated
MSG085 AC/DC Power Supply
Integrated Assemblies
Part Number Module Option Thermal Option Storage Option Wireless Option
NGX007-01 Jetson Nano Thermal Transfer Plate No SSDs Installed No Wireless Installed
NGX007-02 Jetson Nano Passive Heatsink No SSDs Installed No Wireless Installed
NGX007-03 Jetson Nano Active Heatsink No SSDs Installed No Wireless Installed
NGX007-04 Jetson Nano Thermal Transfer Plate NVMe Installed No Wireless Installed
NGX007-05 Jetson Nano Active Heatsink NVMe Installed No Wireless Installed
NGX007-06 Jetson Nano Passive Heatsink NVMe Installed No Wireless Installed
Recommended Cameras
Vendor Product Name Image Sensor Sensor Type Max Resolution
FRAMOS FSM-AR0144 AR0144 Global Shutter 1M (1280×800)
FRAMOS FSM-AR0521 AR0521 Rolling Shutter 5M (2592×1944)
FRAMOS FSM-AR1335 Color AR1335 Rolling Shutter 4K (4208×3120)
FRAMOS FSM-HDP230 HDPYX 230-G Global Shutter HD (1944×1204)
FRAMOS FSM-IMX264 IMX264 Global Shutter 5.1M (2464×2056)
FRAMOS FSM-IMX283 Color IMX283 Rolling Shutter 4K (5496×3694)
FRAMOS FSM-IMX290 Mono IMX290 Rolling Shutter HD (1920×1080)
FRAMOS FSM-IMX296 IMX296 Global Shutter 1.6M (1456×1088)
FRAMOS FSM-IMX297 IMX297 Global Shutter 0.4M (728×544)
FRAMOS FSM-IMX304 IMX304 Global Shutter 4K (4112×3008)
FRAMOS FSM-IMX327 Color IMX327 Rolling Shutter HD (1920×1080)
FRAMOS FSM-IMX334 IMX334 Rolling Shutter 4K (3864×2180)
FRAMOS FSM-IMX335 IMX335 Rolling Shutter 5M (2616×1964)
FRAMOS FSM-IMX412 Color IMX412 Rolling Shutter 4K (4056×3040)
FRAMOS FSM-IMX415 Color IMX415 Rolling Shutter 4K (3864×2192)
FRAMOS FSM-IMX462 Color IMX462 Rolling Shutter HD (1920×1080)
FRAMOS FSM-IMX464 Color IMX464 Rolling Shutter 4.2M (2712×1538)
FRAMOS FSM-IMX477 Color IMX477 Rolling Shutter 4K (4056×3040)
FRAMOS FSM-IMX485 Color IMX485 Rolling Shutter 4K (3864×2180)
FRAMOS FSM-IMX530 IMX530 Global Shutter 4K (5328×4608)
FRAMOS FSM-IMX577 Color IMX577 Rolling Shutter 4K (4056×3040)

Custom Design

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