The NVIDIA® Jetson™ platform continually remains at the forefront of supercomputing for AI applications, and the new Jetson™ Xavier NX is the next generation of small form factor system on module (SOM) solutions. The module delivers unparalleled computing performance to run modern neural networks simultaneously, while processing data from multiple high resolution sensors. If you have an AI system in development and are looking for supercomputing at the edge, the Jetson™ Xavier NX is certainly the ideal choice for your project.

But how can your team integrate the Jetson Xavier NX to bring your project to fruition?

Since Jetson™ Xavier NX’s announcement, as NVIDIA’s largest global embedded hardware provider, Connect Tech has been busy designing and testing hardware solutions for your team to choose from.

Rudi-NX: Fully Integrated Embedded System
Rudi-NX is a state-of-the-art embedded system designed to channel the performance power of the Jetson Xavier NX. Pre-configured to support a variety of AI, vision, and sensor applications, the Rudi-NX is a field-ready device that allows you to load your program and deploy to the field. Learn More

Quark: Versatile Carrier Board
Quark is an ultra-small and feature rich carrier board designed for AI at the edge applications powered by the Jetson Xavier NX. Ideal for vision, inference, and unmanned applications, the Quark carrier comes ready for rugged environments with positive locking IO connectors. Thermal solutions and board customization are available to tailor this carrier to your project’s needs. Learn More

Photon: Carrier Board designed for AI Camera Applications
Photon is the unique solution designed specifically to support smart camera applications. Power and I/O design allow this board to be placed easily into off-the-shelf camera housings. Both PoE PD and Non-PoE PD options are available, with a variety of thermal solutions to choose from. Learn More

Have specific I/O requirements? Rudi-NX, Quark, and Photon can all be customized to your specific I/O needs with both small and large batch manufacturing services available.

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