• Flexibility: Universal PCI ensures this Standard Profile serial card fits into both 3.3V or 5V systems.
  • Speed: Supports data communication speeds up to 1.8432 Mbps.
  • Performance: Ports are controlled by an octal PCI UART, providing 64 bytes of transmit and receive FIFO buffers, global interrupt source register, automatic hardware and software flow control.
  • Protection: Available multi-strike surge suppression on all signals, all ports.

**Not recommended for new designs.**

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More Information

Connect Tech’s standard profile BlueStorm/SP is the ideal choice for your PCI applications. Fully PCI 2.3 compliant, the BlueStorm/SP can be installed in any 3.3V or 5V system.

Available with eight ports, the BlueStorm/SP offers RS-232/422/485 connectivity and is jumper selectable on each individual port.

Dependability, high speed data transfer rates and multi-strike surge suppression make these cards ideal for many environments including; industrial or office automation, POS, scientific or instrumentation applications, to name a few.

All BlueStorm/SP products are FCC certified and CE marked.



8 ports

Electrical Interfaces

Hardware selectable RS-232/422/485


DB-25 fan out cable, DB-9 external I/O box, DB-9 fan out cable

Control Signals

RS-232: TxD, RxD, RTS, CTS, SG, RI, DTR, DSR, DCD, RS-422/485: TxD +/- , RxD +/- , RTS +/- , CTS +/-, SR

Baud Rate

RS-232: 50 bps to 921.6 Kbps, RS-422/485: 50 bps to 1.8432 Mbps


Assigned by Plug and Play resources

Memory Addresses

Assigned by Plug and Play resources


Octal PCI UART with up to 64 byte transmit and receive FIFO buffer


Length: 14.702 cm/5.788” Height: 10.605 cm/4.175

Operating Temperature

0°C to +70°C (+32°F to +158°F)

Storage Temperature

-55°C to +105°C (-67°F to +221°F)


5 to 95% non-condensing


32-bit Universal PCI

Operating System

Linux, QNX 4.X/6.X, Windows 2000/CE/XP/XP x64/XPe/Server 2003/ Server 2003 x64/Vista

Surge Suppression

Multi-strike surge suppression on all ports – 0.05J protection

System Interfaces

Any available 3.3V or 5V PCI slot

Power Requirements

5V @ 875 mA max., 100 mA min.

Regulatory Approvals

EN 55022 Class A, EN 55024, FCC Class A, ICES-003 Class A, EN50082-2

Downloads for BlueStorm/SP – BTG007

Downloads Support: BTG007, BTG001, BTG001-01, BTG001-02, BTG001-03

Drivers for BlueStorm/PCI

Operating System Driver Information Resources
Windows 10 Name:
Version: v101-w10
Released: 02.23.2018
Download Driver
Install Guide
Windows 8, Windows 8 64-bit, Windows 7, Windows 7 64-Bit, Windows Vista, Windows Vista 64-Bit, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 64-Bit, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2003 64-Bit, Windows XP, Windows XP Embedded, Windows XP 64-Bit, Windows 2000 Name:
Version: v101
Released: 02.23.2018
Download Driver
Install Guide (Vista)
Install Guide (2000)
Install Guide (XP+)
Windows CE 5.0 Name:
Released: 10.20.2006
Download Driver
Install Guide
Windows NT Name:
Version: 1.1.6
Released: 01.21.2005
Download Driver
Diagnostic Utilities
Linux (3.9.x +) Name: cti_serial_145.tgz
Version: 1.45
Released: 04.16.2021
Download Driver
Install Guide
Linux (2.6.39, 3.8.x) Name: cti_serial_125a.tgz
Version: 1.25
Released: 08.11.2014
Request Driver
Install Guide
Linux (2.6.18 to 2.6.38) Name: cti_serial_113a-2.6.38.tgz
Version: 1.13a-2.6.38
Released: 08.11.2014
Request Driver
Install Guide
QNX 7 Name: ctipuiq7-1v224.tar
Version: 2.24v7
Released: 2022.07.05
Download Driver
Install Guide
QNX 6 (Neutrino) Name: ctipuiq6v221_65.tgz
Version: 2.21v65 (QNX6.4+)
Released: 03.02.2017
Download Driver
Install Guide
QNX 4 Name: BL-QNX4_120.tar
Version: 1.20
Released: 10.27.2011
Download Driver
Install Guide
Solaris 10 (32-bit) Name: ctiblsolpkg2.12.gz
Version: 2.12
Released: 03.28.2008
Download Driver
Install Guide
SCO Unix/Openserver Name: bhblbe-sco-v400-install.tar
Version: 4.00
Released: 12.06.2006
Download Driver
Install Guide
VxWorks Name:
Released: 09.09.2005
Request Driver
Install Guide

Drivers support: BL005-01, BL006-01, BL007-01, BL008-01, BL017-01, BL018-01, BL019-01, BL020-01, BL032-01, BL033-01, BL034-01, BL035-01, BLG006-01, BLG008-01, BLG018-01, BLG018-05, BLG020-01, BLG020-05, BLG020-07, BLG033-01, BLG033-03, BLG033-05, BLG035-01, BLG035-03, BLG035-05, BLG035-07, BL009-01, BL010-01, BL011-01, BL012-01, BL021-01, BL022-01, BL023-01, BL024-01, BL028-01, BL036-01, BL037-01, BL038-01, BL039-01, BL040-01, BL041-01, BL042-01, BL043-01, BL048-01, BL051-01, BLG010-01, BLG012-01, BLG022-01, BLG022-05, BLG024-01, BLG024-05, BLG026-01, BLG026-05, BLG028-01, BLG037-01, BLG037-05, BLG039-01, BLG039-03, BLG039-05, BLG041-01, BLG041-03, BLG041-05, BLG043-01, BLG043-03, BLG043-05, BLG043-09, BLG049-05, BLG051-01, BLG051-03, BLG051-05, BTG007, BTG001, BTG001-01, BTG001-02, BTG001-03, BSG001, BSG001-01

Ordering Information

Main Products
Part Number Description
BTG007 BlueStorm/SP, 8 ports for RS-232
BTG001 BlueStorm/SP, 8 ports for RS-232/422/485. RoHS compliant.
BTG001-01 BlueStorm/SP, 8 ports for RS-232/422/485 with CAG08FXDX cable. RoHS compliant.
BTG001-02 BlueStorm/SP, 8 ports for RS-232/422/485 with CAG08DB25 cable. RoHS compliant.
BTG001-03 BlueStorm/SP, 8 ports for RS-232/422/485 with IOBG08DB9V1 I/O box. RoHS compliant.
Part Number Description
CAG08FXDX 8x DB-9 Male Cable
CAG08DB25 8x DB-25 Male Cable
IOBG08DB9V1 8x DB-9 Male External I/O Box

Custom Design

Looking for a customized Universal PCI product? Click here to tell us what you need.

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