PCIe/104 Quad Mini PCIe/mSATA

  • Supports up to four Mini PCIe modules simultaneously
  • Supports any Mini PCIe/mSATA product
  • Maximum flexibility keeping the PCIe/104 stack small
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Connect Tech’s Quad Mini PCIe/mSATA board supports up to four mini PCIe modules simultaneously for applications in the PCIe/104 small form factor embedded market place.

This product is ideal for a wide array of applications. The ADG078 and ADG080 support any “Half” or “Full” Mini PCIe/mSATA product on the market, while the ADG087 supports any “Full” Mini PCIe/mSATA. This allows for maximum flexibility while keeping the PCIe/104 stack as small as possible.



Source: PCIe/104 Bus
Onboard power supply for Mini PCIe sockets


95.885mm x 90.17mm (3.775" x 3.550"), Fully PCIe/104 compliant

Operating Temperature

-40°C to +85°C (-40°F to +185°F)

Mini PCIe Compatibility

Mini PCIe Compatibility
ADG078 and ADG080 support four “full” or “half” sized Mini PCIe modules
ADG087 supports four “full” sized Mini PCIe modules
Support for PCIe to all four Mini PCIe sockets:
• ADG078 and ADG080 consume all four PCIe x1 ports
• ADG087 consumes only one PCIe x1 port
Support for mSATA at two Mini PCIe sockets
USB support at all four Mini PCIe sockets
SMBus support for all four Mini PCIe sockets

Ordering Information

Main Products
Part Number Description
ADG078 Top Stacking Model, uses all four PCIe x1 Lanes
ADG080 Bottom Stacking Model, uses all four PCIe x1 Lanes
ADG087 Top Stacking Model, uses only one PCIe x1 Lane with onboard PCIe switch

Custom Design

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