Liquid Cooling Block for NVIDIA® Jetson AGX Xavier™ & AGX Orin™

  • Industrial grade Liquid Cooling solution
  • Ideal for space constrained or limited airflow applications
  • 8 customizable side ports where inlet/outlet flow can be directed
  • Incredibly quiet, high performance heat dissipation solution

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More Information

The Liquid Cooling Block is the only industrial grade water cooling thermal solution for the NVIDIA Jetson platform. Designed to attach directly to NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier’s TTP, the Liquid Cooling Block provides thermal relief to the module’s GPU, CPU, and memory components. Liquid Cooling is ideal for applications where sufficient airflow is unavailable, or any high powered compute system that requires noise reduction or additional cooling. The Liquid Cooling Block can be plumbed into any size of radiator, and has the flexibility of adjusting the inlet/outlet port selection.

Engineered for rugged and compact applications, the cooling block features a total of 8 low profile side ports that allow for versatile connectivity options. Optimized for even flow distribution, this Liquid Cooling Block will retain performance regardless of which position the inlet and outlet streams are oriented.

XHG307 – Liquid Cooling Block for NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier
Industrial grade Liquid Cooling Block for production deployment. Comes equipped with thermal materials and mounting equipment to directly attach to the NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier TTP.

XHG307-01 – Liquid Cooling Development Kit
Designed for lab testing only, the Liquid Cooling Development Kit comes supplied with all of the materials needed for testing and verification. In addition to the Liquid Cooling Block, the Development Kit also comes equipped with tubing, reservoir, pump, fan, radiator, and coolant concentrate. As these additional components are commercial grade, they’re not suggested for production environments.

Looking for a full production solution? The Liquid Cooling Block can be bundled with the Rogue or Rogue-X Carrier Board! Supplied pre-integrated with the NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier module and Liquid Cooling Block installed, we’ll also flash the module allowing for rapid market deployment.



100mm x 87mm x 18mm (20.2mm to top screws)
(3.94" x 3.43" x 0.71") (0.8" to top screws)

Input/Output Ports

8 customizable side ports for low profile usage
2 ports per side, G1/8” threaded

Included Fittings

2x G1/8” 6mm barb
6x G1/8” plug


231g (8.15oz)

Mounting Hardware

Standoff: M3.0X0.5, 18.0mm, QTY4
Spacer: M3.0, 4.0mm, QTY4
Spacer: M3.0, 1.0mm, QTY4
Screw: M3.0X0.5, PPHMS, 45.0mm, QTY4
Thermal Pad: 60mm x 60mm x 1.0mm (2.36" x 2.36" x 0.04")

Mounting Fasteners

M3.0X0.5, PPHMS, 45mm (1.77”) in length

Mounting Fastener Torque Rating

5.2 in-lb

Liquid Cooling FAQs

Distilled water should be avoided due to the potential for biological growth and corrosion. By introducing a concentrate mix, applications can be assured of a reliable, industrial grade solution with in-field longevity. Applications that experience temperature extremes also will require a glycol-based coolant to prevent freezing in sub-zero temperatures.

No! The AGX Xavier Liquid Cooling Block is made of Aluminum. Since aluminum and copper have different electrochemical activity, if they come in contact with each other, the active, less noble metal will begin to corrode.

Ordering Information

Main Products
Part Number Description
XHG307 Liquid Cooling Block for NVIDIA® Jetson AGX Xavier™
XHG307-01 Liquid Cooling Development Kit, includes:

Integrated Assemblies
Part Number Carrier Board Camera Option WiFi/Bluetooth Installed Storage Option
AGX101-19 AGX101 N/A No No SSDs
AGX101-20 AGX101 N/A No 1x 1TB SSD
AGX101-21 AGX101 N/A No 2x 1TB SSDs
AGX101-22 AGX101 N/A Yes No SSDs
AGX101-23 AGX101 N/A Yes 1x 1TB SSD
AGX101-24 AGX101 N/A Yes 2x 1TB SSDs
AGX103-19 AGX103 N/A No No SSDs
AGX103-20 AGX103 N/A No 1x 1TB SSD
AGX103-22 AGX103 N/A Yes No SSDs
AGX103-23 AGX103 N/A Yes 1x 1TB SSD
AGX101-C5 AGX101 JCB002 No No SSDs
AGX101-C6 AGX101 JCB002 No 1x 1TB SSD
AGX101-C7 AGX101 JCB002 No 2x 1TB SSDs
AGX101-C8 AGX101 JCB002 Yes No SSDs
AGX101-C9 AGX101 JCB002 Yes 1x 1TB SSD
AGX101-D0 AGX101 JCB002 Yes 2x 1TB SSDs
AGX101-D1 AGX101 JCB005 No No SSDs
AGX101-D2 AGX101 JCB005 No 1x 1TB SSD
AGX101-D3 AGX101 JCB005 No 2x 1TB SSDs
AGX101-D4 AGX101 JCB005 Yes No SSDs
AGX101-D5 AGX101 JCB005 Yes 1x 1TB SSD
AGX101-D6 AGX101 JCB005 Yes 2x 1TB SSDs
AGX103-C5 AGX103 JCB002 No No SSDs
AGX103-C6 AGX103 JCB002 No 1x 1TB SSD
AGX103-C8 AGX103 JCB002 Yes No SSDs
AGX103-C9 AGX103 JCB002 Yes 1x 1TB SSD
AGX103-D1 AGX103 JCB005 No No SSDs
AGX103-D2 AGX103 JCB005 No 1x 1TB SSD
AGX103-D4 AGX103 JCB005 Yes No SSDs
AGX103-D5 AGX103 JCB005 Yes 1x 1TB SSD

Custom Design

Looking for a customized NVIDIA® Jetson AGX Xavier™ Product? Click here to tell us what you need.

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