NVIDIA® Jetson™ HDMI Camera Platform

Please note the Jetson™ HDMI Camera Platform is only supported on our Rogue carrier boards for NVIDIA® Jetson AGX Xavier™ and Rogue and Forge Carrier Boards for NVIDIA® Jetson AGX Orin™

  • HDMI to CSI2 conversion for vision processing
  • Support for up to 4 HDMI inputs to NVIDIA Jetson
  • Compatible and tested with the Sony FCB line of block cameras
  • Inputs: 2x 30pin coax (Sony FCB compliant), 2x Micro HDMI

More Information

The Connect Tech HDMI Camera platform allows for direct HDMI video input, converting to MIPI CSI2 for input to the NVIDIA Jetson. 
HDMI inputs include 2x micro HDMI and 2x KEL USL00-30L connectors, allowing for a wide variety of HDMI cameras and input sources.


HDMI Camera Inputs

4x HDMI Inputs


Toshiba TC358840XBG

MIPI Output

A single 4-lane MIPI CSI-2 v1.01 output from each Bridge (16-lanes total)

Camera Input Connectors

2x KEL USL00-30L
2x HDMI Type D (Micro HDMI)


Directly powered from Camera Expansion Header

Operating Temperature

-30°C to +70°C (-22°F to +158°F)

Warranty and Support

1 Year Warranty and Free Support




75 mm x 52 mm (2.95"x2.05")

Ordering Information

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Part Number Description
JCB010 Jetson™ HDMI Camera Platform

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