Xtreme/10G XDG205

  • 12x 10G SERDES Ports
    • SFP+/SFP/PHY Capable:
      • 10G-SFI/5G-SGMII/2.5G-SGMII/1G-SGMII
    • Backplane capable:
  • 24x 2.5G/1G Copper Ports
    • 2.5GBASE-T/1000BASE-T
    • Integrated PHYs (No External Copper PHYs required)
  • High-density board-to-board connector
  • Fully managed L2 switching and L3 routing features
  • Complete TSN feature set (Time-Sensitive Networking)
  • +4V to 14V input range
  • 85mm x 85mm module
  • -40°C to +85°C (-40°F to +185°F)

More Information

The Xtreme/10G Managed Ethernet Switch/Router provides high density, high port count Layer 2 switching and Layer 3 routing with 10G uplinks.

A total of 36 switchable ports, with 12 x 10G, 24 x 2.5G (Copper 10/100/1000/2500 Mbps) ports in an extremely small form factor 85mm x 85mm.

This embedded ethernet switch platform is ideal for space constrained environments requiring high-density, high-bandwidth ethernet switching. Ideal for robotics and unmanned vehicle platforms ideal for switching camera and sensor data at 2.5G/1G speeds as well as multiple 10G connections.


Quality of Service

• Four megabytes of integrated shared packet memory
• Eight QoS classes with a pool of up to 32K queues
• TCAM-based classification with pat tern matching against Layer 2 through Layer 4 information
• Dual- rate policers selected by VCAP IS2, eight single-rate priority policers per port, and four single-rate port policers for each port
• Flexible 4K ingress QoS mappings and 8K egress QoS mappings for VLAN tags and DSCP values
• Up to 4K egress VLAN tag operations
• Audio/ video bridging (AVB) with support for time-synchronized, low- latency, and video streaming services
• Priority-based f low control (PFC) (IEEE 802.1Qbb)

Layer 2 & Layer 3 Forwarding

• IEEE 802.1Q VLAN switch with 32K MACs and 4K VLANs
• Secure MAC addressing
• Push/pop/translate up to two VLAN tags on ingress and egress
• Policing with storm control and MC/BC protection
• RSTP and MSTP support
• Independent and shared VLAN learning (IVL, SVL)
• Hardware-based and software-based learning
• TCAM-based classification and VCAP-II security
• Layer 3 unicast and multicast routing

Layer 2 Switching Parameters

• Packet Buffer: 32Mb
• MAC Table Size: 32k
• Layer 2 Multicast Port Masks: 1k
• Super VCAP blocks: 8
• VCAP CLM entries: 4k
• VCAP LPM entries: 4k/1k (IPv4/IPv6)
• VCAP IS2 entries: 4k/1k (IPv4/IPv6)

Layer 3 Switching Parameters

• Router Legs: 128
• IP unicast routes/hosts: 4k/1k (IPv4/IPv6)
• Next -hop/ ARP table entries: 2k
• IP multicast groups: 2k/512
• Multicast router leg masks: 1k
• ECMPs: 16

Management Access

• Web Interface
• CLI via UART
• Software API


• Vitesse Content Aware Processor (VCAP™) packet filtering engine using ACLs for ingress and egress packet inspection
• Storm controllers for flooded broadcast, flooded multicast, andf looded unicast traffic
• Per-port, per-address registration for copying/redirecting/discarding 32 VCAP single-rate policers

Operating Temperature

-40°C to +85°C (chipset rated to +125°C thermals) (-40°F to +185°F)

Ordering Information

Main Products
Part Number Description
XDG205-01 Xtreme/10G XDG205 Includes Conduction Cooled Heatplate
Part Number Description
XBG301 XDG205/XDG201 Breakout Carrier

Custom Design

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