Rogue Carrier + Allied Vision MIPI Camera Board

  • Simple integration of Allied Vision MIPI CSI-2 sensors to the Jetson AGX Xavier platform
  • Connect up to 6x 2-lane or 4x 4-lane MIPI Cameras
  • Tiny footprint: 75mm x 40.2mm (2.95″ x 1.58″)
  • Seamless integration to the Rogue Carrier Board
  • Supports Allied Vision Alvium 1500 C and 1800 C sensors

Part #: AGX101-58, AGX101-59, AGX101-60, AGX101-79, AGX101-80, AGX101-81, AGX101-82, AGX101-83, AGX101-84, AGX101-85, AGX101-86, AGX101-87, AGX101-88, AGX101-89, AGX101-A1, AGX101-A2, AGX101-A3, AGX101-A4, AGX101-D1, AGX101-D2, AGX101-D3, AGX101-D4, AGX101-D5, AGX101-D6 Category: Tags: , , , , , ,

More Information

This Vision Bundle pairs the Rogue Carrier Board with the Allied Vision MIPI Board for a streamlined deployment of AI Vision applications. Empowering rapid integration of your chosen cameras, the Allied Vision MIPI Camera Board allows for direct attachment of up to six MIPI sensors without the need of additional hardware components.

Designed specifically to integrate up to six Allied Vision Alvium 1500 C and 1800 C sensors, this Camera Board comes supplied with all device-tree software necessary to integrate the cameras into your application – no further software development required. With seamless integration to the Connect Tech Rogue Carrier Board, users are able to transition from development to production without additional application development.

Users have the option of integrating either 6x 2-lane or 4x 4-lane MIPI CSI-2 cameras from the Allied Vision Alvium 1500 C and 1800 C camera series.

Browse Allied Vision Alvium 1500 C Camera Series – Click Here

Browse Allied Vision Alvium 1800 C Camera Series – Click Here

Additional Camera Board Features

  • Suitable for Industrial Applications with extended temperature range of -40°C to +85°C (-40°F to +185°F)
  • Can source +12V power from the Camera Expansion header on the Rogue Carrier

About Rogue

Connect Tech’s Rogue is a full featured Carrier Board for the NVIDIA® Jetson AGX Xavier™ module. This carrier board for Jetson AGX Xavier is specifically designed for commercially deployable platforms, and has an extremely small footprint of 92 x 105mm.

The Rogue provides access to an impressive list of latest generation interfaces on the Jetson AGX Xavier while adding additional interfaces of 3x USB 3.1, 2x GbE, 2x HDMI and a locking Mini-Fit Jr. power input connector.



75mm x 40.2 mm (2.95” x 1.58”)


1x High Density Connector Camera Board will mate to the Camera Expansion Header on the Rogue or Rogue-X Carrier Board

Camera Inputs

Up to 6x MIPI CSI-2 (4x 4-lane or 6x 2-lane)

Allied Vision Sensor Support

1500 C and 1800 C Series Alvium MIPI CSI sensors

Camera Input Connectors

6x FH55-22S-0.5SH Hirose Connectors


Can be directly powered from Camera Expansion Header or External +12V Input

Operating Temperature

-40°C to +85°C (-40°F to +185°F)


19g (0.67oz)

Warranty and Support

1 Year Warranty and Free Technical Support


Package InfoBoard Support PackageRelease NotesDate Last Updated
JetPack 5.1.2 – L4T r35.4.1JCB005 L4T r35.4.1 BSPJCB005 L4T r35.4.1 Release Notes21-May-24
JetPack 5.1.1 – L4T r35.3.1JCB005 L4T r35.3.1 BSPJCB005 L4T r35.3.1 Release Notes13-Sep-23
JetPack 5.0.2 – L4T r35.1.0JCB005 L4T r35.1.0 BSPJCB005 L4T r35.1.0 Release Notes01-Feb-23
JetPack 4.6.2 – L4T r32.7.2JCB005 L4T r32.7.2 BSPJCB005 L4T r32.7.2 Release Notes04-Oct-22
JetPack 4.6.1 – L4T r32.7.1JCB005 L4T r32.7.1 BSPJCB005 L4T r32.7.1 Release Notes09-May-22
JetPack 4.6 – L4T r32.6.1JCB005 L4T r32.6.1 BSPJCB005 L4T r32.6.1 Release Notes14-Feb-22
JetPack 4.5.2 – L4T r32.5.2JCB005 L4T r32.5.2 BSPJCB005 L4T r32.5.2 Release Notes14-Feb-22
JetPack 4.5 – L4T r32.5JCB005 L4T r32.5 BSPJCB005 L4T r32.5 Release Notes20-May-21
JetPack 4.4.1 – L4T r32.4.4JCB005 L4T r32.4.4 BSPJCB005 L4T r32.4.4 Release Notes08-Mar-21

Ordering Information

Main Products
Part Number Description
JCB005 Allied Vision MIPI Camera Board
Integrated Assemblies
Part Number Carrier Board Heatsink Option WiFi/Bluetooth Installed Storage Option
AGX101-58 AGX101 Stock Heatspreader No No SSDs
AGX101-59 AGX101 Stock Heatspreader No 1x 1TB SSD
AGX101-60 AGX101 Stock Heatspreader No 2x 1TB SSDs
AGX101-79 AGX101 Stock Heatspreader Yes No SSDs
AGX101-80 AGX101 Stock Heatspreader Yes 1x 1TB SSD
AGX101-81 AGX101 Stock Heatspreader Yes 2x 1TB SSDs
AGX101-82 AGX101 Active No No SSDs
AGX101-83 AGX101 Active No 1x 1TB SSD
AGX101-84 AGX101 Active No 2x 1TB SSDs
AGX101-85 AGX101 Active Yes No SSDs
AGX101-86 AGX101 Active Yes 1x 1TB SSD
AGX101-87 AGX101 Active Yes 2x 1TB SSDs
AGX101-88 AGX101 Passive No No SSDs
AGX101-89 AGX101 Passive No 1x 1TB SSD
AGX101-A1 AGX101 Passive No 2x 1TB SSDs
AGX101-A2 AGX101 Passive Yes No SSDs
AGX101-A3 AGX101 Passive Yes 1x 1TB SSD
AGX101-A4 AGX101 Passive Yes 2x 1TB SSDs
AGX101-D1 AGX101 Liquid Cooling Block No No SSDs
AGX101-D2 AGX101 Liquid Cooling Block No 1x 1TB SSD
AGX101-D3 AGX101 Liquid Cooling Block No 2x 1TB SSDs
AGX101-D4 AGX101 Liquid Cooling Block Yes No SSDs
AGX101-D5 AGX101 Liquid Cooling Block Yes 1x 1TB SSD
AGX101-D6 AGX101 Liquid Cooling Block Yes 2x 1TB SSDs
Part Number Description
CBG489 JCB005 External I/O Cable
Recommended Cameras
Model Interface Resolution Sensor Sensor Type Max. frame rate at full resolution
Alvium 1500 C -050 MIPI CSI-2 0.5 MP
808 (H) × 608 (V)
ON Semi PYTHON 480 Global Shutter 116 fps
Alvium 1500 C -120 MIPI CSI-2 1.2 MP
1280 (H) × 960 (V)
ON Semi AR0135CS Global Shutter 52 fps
Alvium 1500 C -210 MIPI CSI-2 2.1 MP
1928 (H) × 1088 (V)
ON Semi AR0521SR
(HD mode)
Rolling Shutter 118 fps
Alvium 1500 C -500 MIPI CSI-2 5 MP
2592 (H) × 1944 (V)
ON Semi AR0521SR Rolling Shutter 67 fps
Alvium 1800 C -040 MIPI CSI-2 0.4 MP
728 (H) × 544 (V)
Sony IMX287 Global Shutter 280 fps
Alvium 1800 C -158 MIPI CSI-2 1.6 MP
1456 (H) × 1088 (V)
Sony IMX273 Global Shutter 150 fps
Alvium 1800 C -240 MIPI CSI-2 2.4 MP
1936 (H) × 1216 (V)
Sony IMX392 126 fps
Alvium 1800 C -319 MIPI CSI-2 3.2 MP
2064 (H) × 1544 (V)
Sony IMX265 Global Shutter 53 fps
Alvium 1800 C -507 MIPI CSI-2 5.1 MP
2464 (H) × 2056 (V)
Sony IMX264 Global Shutter 34 fps
Alvium 1800 C -508 MIPI CSI-2 5.1 MP
2464 (H) × 2056 (V)
Sony IMX250 65 fps
Alvium 1800 C -1236 MIPI CSI-2 12.4 MP
4112 (H) × 3008 (V)
Sony IMX304 Global Shutter 22 fps
Alvium 1800 C -1240 MIPI CSI-2 12.2 MP
4024 (H) × 3036 (V)
Sony IMX226 41 fps
Alvium 1800 C -2050 MIPI CSI-2 19.7 MP
5376 (H) × 3672 (V)
Sony IMX183 Rolling Shutter 25 fps

Custom Design

Looking for a customized NVIDIA® Jetson AGX Xavier™ Product? Click here to tell us what you need.

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